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29 lipca 2022 r.

Polish SME operating in the electrotechnical industry is looking for subcontractors for the galvanization of copper tapes (BRPL20220325030)

A Polish company that produces electrotechnical articles is looking for a company dealing in tinning of copper tapes.

The company was found in 1989. At the beginning it was a trading company, which in the following years dynamically developed its network for distribution of electrotechnical products. In 1995 the company started its manufacturing operations and became a manufacturer of capacitors for motors and discharge lamps. Since then, the company’s business has expanded significantly to include manufacturing, commerce, and services in a wide range of industrial sectors.

The company is looking for a partner dealing in tinning of copper tapes. Technical details further on in the profile. Subcontracting is offered as a type of cooperation.

For more information you can contact:

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